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Buffalo, NY

Hardwood Flooring Solutions For Buffalo, NY

If you are familiar with homes in the Buffalo, NY area, then you understand the need for new hardwood flooring. Many houses throughout Buffalo were built around the early 1900's which are still standing strong today. However, due to time, and wear and tear, these houses have gone through changes. If you are planning on moving into one of these homes to live in or renovate, changing out the hardwood floors is a crucial step. Remodeling your floors will increase the value of your home when you go to sell it in the future. It is also simply more pleasant to have new hardwood or laminate floors in your home. 

Enhance Your Buffalo Home!

If you are looking to rent out your home, getting new flooring is a relatively low-cost solution to enhance the aesthetics of your home to up your rent price.  Your home will stand out when you have potential buyers walk through your home and notice a floor that does not creak with every step. Buffalo is a booming area to move to whether you are investing in property or looking to live in the city and enjoy all it has to offer! Whatever your reason for buying a house in Buffalo, make sure you rely on Mario & Son Tile And Linoleum.  

Bathroom Remodeling In Buffalo, NY

One of the more notable features of the old Buffalo homes are the bathrooms. Clawfoot bathtubs and thick tile are a familiar sight in these homes. Though they can look nice at times, they can also look old. If you are upgrading your home, why not upgrade one of the most used rooms in the house. Your guests will appreciate the updated feel and look in the bathroom, and it will make living in your home even more of a pleasure. Give us a call for bathroom remodeling services and transform your old home into the home of your dreams!
Bathroom remodeling
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